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Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine VM6

Number of clock cycles

up to 7 bars

Maximum extraction depth

до ?? мм.

  • Dimensions of the machine
    6400mm (1900mm 1435mm 5800mm)
  • Step length (formation)
    to 400mm
  • Number of Cycles
    6-8 cycles per minute
  • Efficiency
    2100 - 2800 packages per hour (on average/depending on the selected format)
  • Packing capability
    vacuum; vacuum/MGS
  • Food
    380V; 50Hz; 32A; 16kW
  • Compressed air consumption
    800-1000 l/min, working pressure - 6 bar
  • Cooling
    10-15°C 1.5-2 bar 100-120L/hour
  • Vacuum pump
    200 m3/hour

Additional equipment

Sets of additional formats

Euroslot module

Set of the "photomark" system

Set of the "photomark" system Built-in automatic dater

Automatic transport and discharge conveyor

MGS function (filling the package with a preservative mixture of gases)

Shaped cutting knives

Cutting knives module for working with hard films

Set of the module for forming solid films


Dispensers for the supply of packaged products

Enlarged product stacking station

Additional vacuum pump of the forming station


VACUUMATIC specialists carry out diagnostics, repair and modernization of vacuum equipment not only of our production, but also of almost all manufacturers.


To provide more complete information, please contact by phone: +7 (701) 348 44 44

+7 701 348 44 44


The factory gives a full warranty on the product for 36 months from the date of its sale, provided that the consumer complies with the rules of operation and maintenance provided for in the operating manual.


Delivery to all regions of Kazakhstan is possible

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