Vacuummatic - manufacturer from Kazakhstan of packaging machinery for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Vacuummatic for packaging equipment are of highest quality and excellent functional characteristics. In full compliance with high requirements, the company applies advanced quality control methods:

• Quality control of the materials used at all stages
• Close cooperation with manufacturers of technological components and close monitoring of their activities to improve the entire supply chain
• In-depth testing of each piece of equipment for compliance with the declared quality
• Favorable conditions for service support for the entire service life of the equipment



VACUUMMATIC experts conduct extensive briefing management of the client company production technologies to produce comprehensive proposals to complete the line and selecting VACUUMMATIC model. ADVANCE PAYMENT 50%.


Company engineers developed customized equipment assembly project taking into account the nuances of production areas and customer products.


The order of imported components is being implemented, the main modules and blocks are being assembled, and preparations are being made for transportation.


Free delivery in Kazakhstan within 10 days from the date of completion of production.


The final assembly with working units and a test run in production are carried out within 2-10 days (depending on the specifics of the product). VACUUMMATIC engineers and operators also provide on-line training to the customer free of charge.


Throughout the entire service life, the company's specialists provide comprehensive consulting support, and the specialist for service is carried out on privileged partner terms (priority of the queue, the most experienced craftsmen).


The plant gives a full guarantee for the product within 12 months from the date of its sale, provided that the consumer observes the rules of operation and maintenance provided for in the instruction manual.